Thursday, 8 March 2012

Winter Skills Course 25th-26th Feb 2012

 On the 25th February we started the Winter Skills course heading for Aonach Beag. The weather wasn't very kind to us and gave the group some tough conditions to deal with in the form of strong wind and rain.

Despite that the whole team got stuck in and learned lots of new skills for moving around on the snow.

Si demonstrating how to cut a bucket seat
 With a dodgy looking weather forecast we decided to head for Stob Coire Nan Lochan to look at some more movement skills, rope-work, and ice axe arrest.
Si and Chris demonstrating belaying technique

Kim grabbing her ice axe before breaking!

Ruth thinking of her next moves to carry out an ice axe arrest
I would like to thank everyone who attended the course, we had tough conditions but everyone was very enthusiastic and always had smiles on their faces. Great company and a pleasure to work with.

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